A mile stone of Economy

About 3000 people will find a new job in the factory; next jobs will be created by our suppliers. The whole tertiary sector will gain from this. It is an enormous chance for the entire region – this is how Leif Östling, Board member of Volkswagen AG described the influence of the new factory.

Near Poznań, on the territories of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone the biggest investment of last decade is being realized. Laying of the foundation stone in a symbolic way began the changes which the project will bring.
The amount of work that is being done in Września speaks for the importance of the investment. The concern fenced 543 acres of land they bought from Wałbrzych’s zone. The terrain had been evened and prepared for laying the foundations. The factory complex will be made of welding, painting and assembling halls, a logistic centre and administrative area. The welding shop will be equipped with 400 automated machines, a three story painting hall will cover the territory of 92 thousand square meters (over 300 000 feet), the factory will be able to produce 380 cars per day. It is estimated that yearly 85 thousand Crafter commercial vehicles will leave the factory’s assembly lines. The concern will allot at least 3,3 billion PLN for the investment.

– We agreed that Poland will be the best localization for our new factory. The decision was preceded by a long period of analysis and planning – Leif Östling emphasized during the ceremony of laying of the foundation stone.
– This investment confirms incredible attractiveness of our country and Wielkopolskie province. It is an effect of involving many institutions and people and also the aspirations of local society – said Janusz Piechociński the Minister of Economy in Poland.

In disposition for future investors there are still over 250 acres (100 hectares) of land right next to Volkswagen’s factory. The lands in Września are situated just 1,5 km from the A2 highway. All needed infrastructure is being created – amongst others: roads, electricity, water and sewage networks, fire facilities. Also there will be a special training centre for automotive industry’s needs created.
– The lands are incorporated into special economic zone territories. That is why entrepreneurs can use preferential conditions of running their business there. Tax exemptions can reach even 45% of the investment costs or of a 2-year period of new employment costs. These arguments make the lands in Wrzesnia’s Economic Activity Zone (WEAZ) one of the most attractive ones in Europe – explains Barbara Kaśnikowska, the President of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK”.