Entrepreneurs functioning in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK” are provided with post-investment care, which includes the following activities:

Training for entrepreneurs The training offer for entrepreneurs is conducted in two parallel directions:

Public webinars – due to the uncertain situation caused by COVID-19, trainings in 2021 will be organized mostly in the online formula. The thematic scope of the courses will cover the areas of accounting and tax, HR, OHS and environmental protection.

The WSEZ Academy Premium Service – training programs tailored to the needs of investors operating in the area managed by the Company, who have signed a contract for the provision of services or for an administration fee. Top quality services will be provided in the form of lectures within selected modules (e.g. Leadership Academy, Management Academy, Engineering Academy, Accounting Academy) taught by well-known and experienced academic lecturers and practitioners in a given area. The inclusion of the Academy formula in the training platform will contribute to the development of services offered to entrepreneurs by the Company. What is more, it will strengthen the image and brand of the Company, which in the future will lead to the development of this area towards commercial, paid training services.

Bulk purchase group – the group was set up in order to decrease the rates for utilities, which translates into a tangible reduction in the costs of running a business. Within the group, electricity and gas rates are negotiated. In 2021, promotional and informational activities will be continued in order to increase the number of partners and organize training on how to optimize energy costs. It is also planned to expand the range of services that could be purchased collectively.

Export officer – performs activities intended to support our tenants in the area of export. The support consists mainly in informational activities concerning funds and subsidies that can be obtained to support exports, as well as the organization of workshops in this area. At a later stage, it is planned to organise trips abroad aimed at promoting Polish companies operating in the zone.

Regular meetings – meetings with tenants conducted as part of post-investment care, aimed at updating information about their individual situation, identifying their needs and plans. This activity constitutes a significant portion of the work of the Investor Service Department.

Educational Cluster – in 2015, the Wałbrzych zone established the “INVEST in EDU” Educational Cluster, whose main goal is to combine economic, educational and scientific potential by adapting education to the needs of the economy and the local labor market. The cluster also focuses on increasing the innovativeness of enterprises by fostering cooperation between science and business, as well as by a transfer of knowledge and human capital between these areas. An important aspect of the cluster’s functioning is to increase the knowledge and competences of future employees and promote vocational education among secondary school students, their parents or guardians. The project is being conducted under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of National Education.

Currently, the “INVEST in EDU” Educational Cluster gathers more than 120 entities, including entrepreneurs, primary, secondary, professional and technical schools, as well as universities, support institutions and business-related organizations.


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