INVEST-PARK stimulates entrepreneurship

Who can invest in a special economic zone and what kind of employees do the companies operating there look for – for these questions answeres were found by the participants of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Over 60 students and participants visited the headquarters of Wałbrzych’s Cone. In WSEZ “INVEST-PARK” there are currently over 170 companies operating from which about 40% are medium, small and even micro enterprises. Tax exemptions that one can receive are bigger for the representatives of SME. It is possible that amongst the participants of Global Entrepreneurship Week there were some future zone investors.

Companies operating in WSEZ are looking for qualified employees – absolvents of technical and vocational schools. The youth found out what abilities are specially valued by the entrepreneurs and what can help in choosing their future road of career.

Every year during the Global Entrepreneurship Week institutions and companies, who support the development of entrepreneurship, organize free trainings, workshops, debates and competitions. This way supporting the gain of knowledge from the fields of starting and developing one’s own business, developing a contact network, negotiations with employers or building one’s own brand.


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