Decision regarding sponsored activities

On the 10th of Mach 2015 the Board of Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK” evaluated all the applications for financing and sponsoring that were submitted to the company till the end of Fenruary 2015.

According to the above the Board decided to support the following activities:

  1. Public Gimnazjum number 6 (purchase of a visualiser to the chemistry lab) – Wałbrzych.
  2. Polytechnic School Complex ENERGETYK (purchase of elements necessary to build a drone) – Wałbrzych.
  3. II High School (supporting the activity connected to creating drones) – Wałbrzych.
  4. Youth Cociotherapy Centre (purchase of materials to conduct classes on renewal energy, electronics and robotics) – Wałbrzych.
  5. Association of Physical Culture and Sport „Kaczor Boks Team Wałbrzych” (co-financing the participation in Polish Championships and international competitions) – Wałbrzych.
  6. Wałbrzych Motorbike Association CHEŁMIEC (support in organising International Championships and Polish Cup MOTOHAŁDA) – Wałbrzych.
  7. Weightlifting Sport Club „Zagłębie” (purchase of sport equipment and uniforms for club members) – Wałbrzych.
  8. Sport Club AZS PWSZ (co-financing sport activities of the club, especially participating in competitions and sport camps) – Wałbrzych.
  9. AQUA ZDRÓJ Sport and Recreation Centre (purchase of t-shirts for participants of “Poland Runs with INVEST-PARK”) – Wałbrzych.
  10. City Physical Culture Association (support of the initiative of 18 recreation and sport events for children, youth, adults, seniors, disabled people and whole families „Set your heart up”) – Wałbrzych.
  11. Youth Sport Club Chełmiec (purchase of uniforms for players and supporting a sport camp) – Wałbrzych.
  12. School Complex number 1 in Dzierżoniów (didactic equipping of a mechatronic lab) – Dzierżoniów.
  13. LKS Atom (supporting the project of sport training of elite women competitors of road cycling) – Dzierżoniów.
  14. Dzierżoniów Karate Kyokushin Club (supporting the participation of contestants in 29th Weight European Championships of Karate Kyokushin in Berlin 2015) – Dzierżoniów.
  15. Inter-school Sport Club „Dziewiątka” (co-financing club’s sport activities especially by allowing youth and children to participate in trainings, competitions, camps and gatherings) – Dzierżoniów.
  16. Students Sport Club „Lechia” (financing the summer camps) – Dzierżoniów.
  17. Inter-School Sport Club SWIM Academy Termy Jakuba (supporting the organisation of swimming contest for the Children’s Day) – Oława.
  18. Jan Kasprowicz I High School (support with the organisation of Technical Innovation and Discovery Olympics) – Świdnica.
  19. Mieczysław Kozar – Słobódzki Youth Culture Centre (supporting of the activity of building a drone) – Świdnica.
  20. Handball Club „Świdnica” (supporting the organisation of the Festival of Handball Świdnica Cup 2015) – Świdnica.
  21. Students Sport Club „Judoka” Imbranowice (support of organising VI Open Judo Championships and summer sport camps) – Żarów.
  22. Polish Association of HAIDONG GUMDO (support of organising a sport camp) – Jaszkowa Górna.
  23. City of Kłodzko (support of organising XV Polish-Czech School Team Race for the Cup of Mayor of Kłodzko) – Kłodzko.
  24. Folk Sport Club „Iskra” (support in organising the XII Folk Mountain Race for the Clover Cup) – Jaszkowa Górna.
  25. City if Nowa Ruda (supporting the project of outdoor activity of youth and children by equipping the existing rout of health with Outdoor fitness devices) – Nowa Ruda.
  26. Gmina Strzelin (support in organising IV Race of Strzelin Hills) – Strzelin.
  27. Recreation Centre in Nysa (support of organising the III Street Race “On the Trail of Nysa’s Monuments”) – Nysa.
  28. Science and Technology Park (support of workshops for robotic beginners) – Opole.
  29. Stanisław Staszic Vocational School Complex in Szprotawa (support of organising XVII edition of Province Competition for the Best Locksmith of Lubuskie Land) – Szprotawa.
  30. Culture Centre in Jedlina-Zdrój (support in organising the International Tournament Centrope Cup Poland 2015) – Jedlina Zdrój.


Download the list of sponsored activities.

We inform that in the link sponsoring one will find documents for downloading and detailed rules of sponsoring. Please sent all your applications using the forms provided by WSEZ.