Sitech begins the production for Volkswagen

The Sitech company is about to begin the production of car seats for Volkswagen in Września. Sitech’s facility is located in a production hall built by the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone in close proximity to the premises owned by the German motorization giant. Volkswagen’s subsidiary is going to employ over 80 people.

Hala przemysłowa wybudowana przez WSSE we Wrześni

Sitech, a company belonging to the Volkswagen group, is a producer of car seat components and complete seats. The firm was set up in 1998. At present it employs around 5,000 workers in seven factories, three of which are located in Poland.

“The Września factory is going to be our first Polish facility that will make complete car seats. The development of our competences in Poland has strategic importance for our future,” said Thomas Hegel Gunther, President of the Board of Sitech, during the opening ceremony.

The production of car seats for the Crafter model will be launched this fall. Thanks to the proximity of Volkswagen’s plant, the seats will be delivered in the Just in Sequence system, directly to the production line. More than 100 thousand seats per year will come off the line.

“Września offers perfect conditions for our new facility in terms of infrastructure and labor market policies,” said Adam Holewa, Managing Technical Director and Director of Sitech in Poland. “By creating more than 80 jobs, we are contributing to the economic development of the region.”

The factory occupies part of a production floor that was constructed by the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The other half of the facility (ca. 5,000 m2) can still be rented by investors. In total, there are 90 ha of land still available in the Września Economic Activity Zone near Volkswagen’s plant. Entrepreneurs operating in the WSEZ are eligible for tax exemptions of up to 45% of capital expenditure or labor cost in the first two years.

Uroczystość otwarcia zakładu Sitech we Wrześni

Thomas Hegel Gunther prezes zarządu Sitech

Adam Holewa Dyrektor Zakładu Sitech w Polsce