New regulations on storing personal data

This year companies which store and manade personal data will have to regulate the status of information security administrators. WSEZ “INVEST-PARK” organised a training course to cover this topic.

From the beginning of this year new regulations came to life that put new responsibilities on the companies in the sphere of securing personal data and that also make some procedures easier. From now on the information security administrator (polish ABI) working in the company will have a wider scope of responsibilities. The regulation also introduces some significant simplifications in registering a data set. On the last meeting of WSEZ “INVEST-PARK” HR Managers Club we discussed the changes that were made to the regulation on security of personal data. In particular we covered the topic of appointing and registering an information security administrator (ABI), reporting to Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (Polish GIODO), transferring data across the borders of EEA.

It was the 8th meeting of the club which brings together the managers and specialists from companies operating in Wałnrzych Special Economic Zone. The meeting are organizes once per 3 months and are led in the form of workshops and discussions. The schemes of each meeting cover current global and local issues in the sphere of HR.

We encourage to participate in the club’s meetings. It is an opportunity to exchange experience and enrich your knowledge with the association of experts in the fields proposed earlier by the club members. We thank everyone for the engagement so far – Teodor Stępa said during the meeting, the Vise-president of WSEZ “INVEST-PARK”

In the second quarter of the year INVEST-PARK is planning to organise a next meeting – this time dedicated to the topic of hiring foreign employees.