Machining without secrets

Thanks to the support of the Alea-Wings of Development Foundation, the students of School Complex no. 5 in Wałbrzych had an opportunity to discover the intricacies of machining. About 160 of them participated in three technical seminars.

The Alea Foundation has been set up by Segepo-Refa, a company functioning in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The foundation’s projects are intended to increase young people’s competences connected with machining. In 2015, the French company began sponsoring a class at School Complex no. 5 that trains the students to become machine tools operators. The students can also take part in traineeships at the company’s facility. In March, the future machine tools operators will go to France to take part in the Simodec trade fair in Haute-Savoie.

Three technical seminars have been held at the school complex so far. They were conducted by specialists from Micronics Europe, Rands Polska and the Świdnica-based company Optima. The youths discovered some innovative solutions and tools used in machining and learned about the role of lubricants and oils in the process. The seminars were attended by about 160 students, mostly from Wałbrzych, Kamienna Góra, Świdnica and Dzierżoniów.