Incorporation of new investment lands

Local governments can apply for incorporation of their land into the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The lands must be attractive for investors and fulfil the formal terms amongst which are:

  • the status of lands must be confirmed by documents from the lads records,
  • allocation for industrial/service purposes in the Local Land Management Plan or in Studies of Conditions and Directions of Land Management,
  • the lands are improved or there are reliable commitment of improving them,
  • location near communication trails that are present or will be built in a short time,
  • there are no contraindications to run industrial or service activity, including environmental laws (territory of Nature 2000, landscape park).


If a territory fulfils the above conditions then the local government can apply to WSEZ “INVEST-PARK” prompting their will of incorporating their land into the zone with a filled characteristic of real estate.

Download the characteristic of real estate: Incorporating lands into WSEZ INVEST-PARK

After analysing the land and its approval by the Managing Board, the local government prepares an application to incorporate a land into the territory of WSEZ with detailed documentation that is sent to the Ministry of Economy. The resort evaluates the application and the decision made by the Cancel of Ministers.

Additional information is provided by:

Paulina Burakiewicz
tel.: (+48) 605 909 194
The Investment Department