The procedure of granting a permit

The procedure of applying for a Permit to operate on the territory of WSEZ:

  1. The contact with a consultant from the Investor’s Service Department (Polish: DOI) – e-mail: , phone numbers: +48 74 664 91 71 or +48 74 664 91 79 – who will answer all questions related to the conditions of investing in Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone and who will prepare a proposal of investment land based on the entrepreneur’s needs. The listings of lands included in the Zone are also available on
  1. Apply by submitting the Intention Letter that describes the basic parameters of the investment.


Download an example of an intention letter


  1. Signing of a deposit agreement
  2. The publishing in national press and on WSEZ’s website of an invitation to take part in the tender or negotiations which are to select an investor which will be granted a permit to operate in WSEZ and (in the situation of joint tender) will obtain the right to the real estate.
  3. The Investor’s purchasing of the Specification of essential tender or negotiation conditions (Specification). It is a document which amongst others states the requirements regarding: preparing the offer which will be evaluated during the tender or negotiations, the control conditions, payments for administrative activities etc.
  4. The Investor’s submitting of an offer prepared according to the Specification’s requirements and in the deadline stated in the tender/negotiations invitation.
  5. Conducting of the joint tender or negotiations in WSEZ headquarters. Choosing of an investor or annulment of the tender/negotiations if the offer does not meet the requirements stated in the Specification.
  6. Granting the permit to operate on the territory of WSEZ after confirming the tender’s/negotiation’s result by WSEZ’s statute organs.
  7. In case of combined tender – purchasing of real estate by the investor.

Exemplary timetable:

The Presentation of WSEZ investment offer WSEZ 1 day
Negotiations of conditions of purchasing real estate (choosing a location by the investor) WSEZ/Investor As needed
Signing the deposit agreement WSEZ/Investor 1 day
Deposit payment Investor 5 days
Announcing the tender or negotiations WSEZ 1 day
Purchasing of the Specification of essential combined tender or negotiations conditions; tender guarantee payment, submitting the offer Investor At least 21 days
Opening of the offers and the work of tender/negotiation commission WSEZ 1 day
Confirming the results of the tender/negotiations by WSEZ’s Board WSEZ 2 days
Confirming the results of the tender/negotiations by WSEZ’s Supervisory Board WSEZ 7 days
Information about the tender/negotiations outcome WSEZ 1 day
Granting the permit to operate in WSEZ WSEZ 1 day
Selling of the real estate WSEZ/Investor 10 days