What is WSEZ

Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone (WSEZ) is an area where entrepreneurs can run their business on preferential conditions, using public aid in the form of income tax exemptions (in Poland PIT and CIT).

In order to get the public aid in a special economic zone (SEZ) one has to obtain a permit to operate in SEZ, granted in the name of The Minister of Economy by the company that operates the zone. In such a permit amongst other elements, are stated the core business activity, the minimal threshold of employment and the minimal threshold of investment expenses. In special economic zones Polish and foreign companies invest on the same terms and conditions.

In line with law special economic zones will be functioning at least till 31 December 2026. Till that date entrepreneurs can apply for permits to run their business activities on the territory of a zone and use the income tax exemptions.

Profits from operating in a Special Economic Zone

  • Tax exemptions (Polish CIT or PIT, depending on the form of running the business by an entrepreneur) from the income gained from the activity ran on the territory of SEZ and stated in the permit;
  • Access to attractive, improved lands with all necessary infrastructure;
  • Possibility of purchasing or renting already existing estate (production halls, office areas) managed by SEZ;
  • Possibility to use other investment encouraging programmes like real estate tax exemptions etc.;
  • Support in legislative and organisational activities connected with the investment (utilities, providers, local government etc.);
  • Proximity of other companies operating in the zone – potential suppliers, subcontractors, clients;
  • Support in finding qualified staff and workers, including cooperation with technical and vocational schools (e.g. patron classes).